The Top 10 Things that Don’t get Done While You’re on the Road for 12 Weeks

10. Grocery Shopping – why bother when you’re just leaving again the next day?

9. Hair Appointments – have your hairdresser’s number on speed dial, you’ll be calling her A LOT to reschedule

8. Workouts – get used to counting a mad dash through the airport as cardio, by the time you land where you’re going, you might not see the gym

7. Dry-cleaning – might be smart to watch the calendar, you’ll soon know why there is a sign that reads “not responsible for items left over 30 days”

6. Healthy Eating – “as if”. Sometimes a granola bar is as close as you’ll come to a well-balanced meal

5. Ortho – although you make the appointment to get a new retainer, better hope it still fits 3 months later when you find time to pick it up

4. Nails – two words: Nail Glue

3. Sleep – what’s the saying? There’s no rest for the wicked

2. Laundry – now you finally have a use for all the extra pairs of socks

And the #1 thing that doesn’t get done while you’re on the road for 12 weeks:


Sorry folks – will be back at it when I can, but right now I gotta jet!


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