About Me

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Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t grow up playing CPA Barbie, and my childhood dream wasn’t to sell accounting software when I grew up…but here I am!

I’ve spent my entire career in the document management, workflow, and accounting software world, with over 16 years of experience including integrated document imaging systems, the SMB and Mid-Market accounting channel, document scanning solutions, and most recently, online accounting software. I’ve done it all with various sales, channel management, and business development roles.

My philosophy is work smart, play a little, lift heavy, and sleep later. I’m passionate about delivering excellent customer experiences, building lasting relationships, and having a great time doing it (usually while wearing 5″ stilettos). When I’m not 20,000 feet in the air on my way to visit clients or partners, I can be found seeking out SoCal’s warm sun, great coffee, and getting every penny out of my gym membership.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. great blog -lots of food for thought
    -great meeting you- hope we’ll keep in touch here and through the intuit network

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