New Beginnings…Same Shoes

I won’t lie. I basically hate change. No, I’m not talking about footwear – for those of you who know me, that may be the only thing in my life that I prefer changes daily (or even hourly). But when it comes to most things in my personal and especially in my professional life, I’m much more content when things are “normal”, “comfortable”, and “routine”. That’s right, I’m pretty boring after all. I can’t even count how many times my mom and I have had the same conversation whenever things change…thank goodness for moms! She always reminds me that things always turn out better in the end, and that there’s always something more exciting down the road – and, of course, I always shrug and agree that as usual, she’s right.

While there’s nothing really wrong with being comfortable with a routine or getting into a groove, the danger that lurks with letting too much time go by without new changes is that of complacency. It’s really easy to sit back and get comfortable with the security of “normal”. Sadly, it’s easy to miss amazing opportunities to challenge and grow.

With all that being said, every once in a while one of those opportunity comes along where the excitement outweighs the anxiety of change. Today marks one of those times for me with a huge change in my professional life – as I have just left Fujitsu for a new opportunity. Some might say that I’m “hanging up my ScanSnap hat” – but we all know that it isn’t my hats that get so much attention. Thats right, if ever an official Twitter handle funeral was in order, it would be about now.

So yes, I’m leaving @ScanSnapKim behind, and have picked up a Boston accent to go with my new identity, @XCMkim. But rest assured, I’m keeping my SoCal zip code and ALL of my shoes as I begin this new adventure of this wild (or should I say wicked?) ride. I’m so proud to announce today, that I’ve joined XCM Solutions, the premier provider of wicked-good workflow solutions to accounting firms, as Director of West Coast Operations.

Over the past several years I’ve had the privilege of trotting the globe (in 4″ heels) as an evangelist for the best scanners in the world – and I’ve had an absolute blast! So now as I take a step into this new chapter, I’m excited to know that I’ll continue to see and work with so many of my friends that I’ve been blessed to meet over the years. I decided that now is as good a time as ever to embark on this new adventure as well, with the launch of my own blog. I would never ask anyone to walk a mile in 4″ stilettos, but I do hope you’ll all follow along with me as I take this walk…I’ll give you a View From My Shoes.


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings…Same Shoes

  1. Kim,

    Glad to see the official announcement and I am liking the blog. I will be sure to follow and read.
    Love that though there is change that the “accounting family” is not losing you!

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